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Conversational AI Solutions

Our Food Service products were created with your industry's unique needs in mind. Our AI solutions help restaurants, chains and suppliers enhance every customer experience.


Lumo - Your Knowledgeable Virtual Host


Lumo acts as a friendly, informative concierge - available 24/7 on your website and mobile app. Customers can get answers to all their dietary, allergen and menu questions from Lumo's extensive food database.

Zeno - Your Supportive Virtual Employee


Empower your staff with real-time assistance from Zeno. Whether onboarding new hires, handling customer inquiries or optimizing operations, Zeno ensures seamless service and increased efficiencies.


Creation Suite - Personalized Skills On-Demand
Train custom chatbots and voice assistants for delivery, ordering or loyalty programs in a matter of days.


Our no-code platform gives you total control over your AI's personality and insights.
And More Innovations On The Way!

Vistry is developing new conversational solutions for food brands, including inventory forecasting AI, loss prevention chatbots and targeted marketing assistants. Stay tuned for announcements or contact us to learn more.

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