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CES 2024 Recap: Vistry's Pioneering Showcase in AI-driven Customer Experiences

CES 2024 marked a triumphant return to pre-pandemic vibrancy, a fact underscored by Vistry's impactful presence at the event. This year, our demonstrations and discussions highlighted the transformative role of AI in enhancing customer experiences across various industries.

CES 2024: A Return to Pre-Pandemic Glory

This year's CES was notable for its return to pre-pandemic attendance levels, with an officially announced number of 135,000 attendees. Over 4,000 vendors were spread out across Las Vegas. This expansive setup contributed a vibrant atmosphere, reflecting a city pulsating with innovation and excitement.

Expert Insights: "Unlock Ultimate Customer Experience with AI"

The event featured a pivotal talk, "Unlock Ultimate Customer Experience with AI," led by Stacy Schulman, VP of Health, Education, and Consumer Industries at Intel. Schulman's expertise, combined with insights from Vistry, illuminated the power of AI in improving customer interactions across diverse sectors, emphasizing personalized and efficient customer journeys.

Technological Breakthrough: Vistry’s Conversational AI Platform at the Edge

A standout demonstration was Vistry's conversational AI chatbot, powered by a 7 billion parameter Language Learning Model (LLM) and running on Intel's latest Core Ultra-based AI PC. This technology showcased the remarkable feat of operating a large-scale LLM at the edge, a significant advancement in making high-level AI processing more accessible and efficient for real-time applications.

Vistry's Booth
Atif Kureishy, CEO of Vistry, and Malhar Thakkar, Head of Strategic Alliances & AI Partnerships at Intel

Industry-Wide Discussions: Diverse Executive Perspectives

At our booth, Intel & Vistry engaged in valuable discussions with executives across Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Health Care, Energy, and the Public Sector. These interactions highlighted the versatility of AI in different fields, showcasing its role in enhancing efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Intel Tech Lounge and Ezinma’s Performance

Our booth, part of the vibrant Intel Tech Lounge, was further enhanced by the stunning performances of Beyonce's violinist, Ezinma. Her music added a memorable and dynamic aspect to our showcase, complementing the innovative technologies on display.


In conclusion, Vistry's participation in CES 2024 exemplified not only our technological leadership but also our commitment to using AI to enhance customer experiences across industries. As we continue to innovate, Vistry is poised to play a pivotal role in the ongoing AI-driven transformation of the business landscape.


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