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Enhance your customer experience

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Meet LumoChat, Our AI Customer Assistant

Unifying Digital and Voice Interactions for Customers.

First party website

Our AI assistant can be embedded right on your site, providing immediate, intelligent interactions that reflect your brand's voice. Offer menu suggestions, answer queries, or take orders directly through your website, creating a seamless user experience.

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Seamless Integration

Enhance your existing website architecture with one line of code. From menu exploration to immediate ordering, it's a streamlined experience that keeps your guests engaged directly on your site.

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Personalized Guest Experience

Offer targeted recommendations, answer specific queries, and interact in a manner that reflects your brand's unique personality.

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With the integration of Vistry's AI assistants into your mobile channel, you not only broaden the ways to reach and interact with your guests but also create meaningful connections that drive loyalty and satisfaction.

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Instant Communication, Anytime, Anywhere

From order confirmations to personalized offers, our AI assistants can engage through SMS, offering convenience and personalization like never before.

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Personalized and On-Brand Messaging

Every text message resonates with your unique identity. From greetings to promotional content, maintain consistency across all communications.


From placing orders to seeking information about the menu, our intelligent voice system can handle inquiries efficiently, providing a human-like interaction that resonates with your brand's voice.

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24/7 Voice Support

Our AI assistants are at your service around the clock, ensuring that your guests can reach out and engage with your restaurant whenever they desire.

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Dynamic Call Routing and Management

Whether it's a simple order or a more complex inquiry, our system manages calls with precision, ensuring a smooth and satisfying customer experience.


Kiosk & Drive-Thru

Enhance guest experience with Vistry's Kiosk and Drive-Thru solutions. Speed, precision, and customization converge for seamless ordering and brand alignment.

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Guests can browse, customize, and pay—all without waiting in line. Whether upselling or recommending, our AI tailors each interaction, boosting satisfaction and revenue.

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Say goodbye to misunderstood orders and lengthy waits. With advanced voice recognition and integration with your menu, our system captures orders precisely and quickly, routing them to the kitchen without a hitch.

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