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Restaurant Solutions

Make training as easy as managing.

Make Training as Easy as Messaging

You're growing fast. New locations, new hires, new initiatives. Is inconsistent training slowing you down? Our AI assistant delivers the on-demand coaching your managers and employees need, fully customized for your brand.

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24/7 Employee Support

Whether it's onboarding new staff, rolling out a new promotion, or sharing best practices, your AI helper shares company-approved content and answers questions 24/7. All accessible through simple chat conversations on any device

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Consistent Training for Good Experiences

Ensure your team provides amazing guest experiences with training content that evolves with your business. Let us help you scale excellence.

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See the ZenoChat in action for your business with a personalized demo today.

Elevate Your Operations with AI-Powered Insights
As a growth-focused leader, you need real-time visibility into your complex, ever-changing business. Our AI assistant acts as your dedicated analyst, continuously monitoring your AI chat data by location to identify risks, opportunities, and best practices.

By leveraging live data and feedback from your top performers, the AI provides tailored recommendations to optimize sales, costs, and customer satisfaction across all your restaurants. Manager time spent on admin tasks drops dramatically, freeing them to focus on people - both customers and team members.

The future of restaurant management is here. Dive into your data with a custom in-depth analysis.

Request a consultation today.

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Seamless Integration

Discover how you can seamlessly integrate Vistry into your website and mobile app to boost sales and improve customer experience today.

Personalization for customer appreciation

A better way of informing potential customers and converting them into repeat diners. Drive incremental sales and better customer experience with Vistry’s AI restaurant assistant - enabling personalized customer messaging and menu suggestions, 24/7 live chat, and an improved online ordering experience.

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Maximize your time

Free up your time to focus on where you shine: running your restaurant and creating amazing food. With the LumoChat AI restaurant assistant your customers get a personalized online and phone experience without taking you away from your busy day.


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