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Enhance your employee experience

Try these demos to see how Vistry can present employees with helpful information.
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Meet ZenoChat, Our AI Employee Assistant

Unifying Digital and Voice Interactions for Employees.

Instant Access to Manuals & Procedures

With Vistry's Employee Assistant, your entire operational handbook is at your employee’s fingertips. Need to know how to execute a specific task? Just ask, and receive instant, concise instructions. It's your go-to guide for everything in your restaurant, simplifying training and daily tasks.

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Simplifies Onboarding & Training

New staff are up to speed quickly, reducing training time and costs..

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Reduce Cognitive Load & Prevent Errors

Offer targeted recommendations, answer specific queries, and interact in a manner that reflects your brand's unique personality.


Rapid Customer Query Response

Customer questions? Non-english speaking employees? Get answers fast. From menu details to dietary requirements, Vistry's Employee Assistant is equipped to provide rapid, accurate information in multiple languages.

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Enhance Guest Satisfaction

Guests appreciate immediate, accurate answers, increasing their overall satisfaction with your service.

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Save Labor & Time

Quick response to multi-lingual inquiries keeps service flowing smoothly, reducing wait times.

Easy Employee Reporting & Feedback

Encourage a feedback-rich environment with Vistry's Employee Assistant. Employees can effortlessly report issues or offer suggestions. Transparent and straightforward, it's a valuable tool for continuous operational improvement.

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Encourage Employee Feedback

A simple process for reporting ensures more employees contribute valuable insights.

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Improve Brand-wide Operations

Regular feedback enables continuous adjustments, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of daily operations, across all locations.


Streamlined Opening & Closing Processes

Opening and closing have never been this smooth. Vistry's Employee Assistant provides step-by-step guidance for consistent, efficient procedures. Ensure everything is in place, whether starting the day or shutting down, with this intuitive tool.

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Boost Operational Consistency

Ensuring every opening and closing follows the exact procedures maintains consistency across shifts.

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Increase Team Efficiency

Step-by-step guidance saves time, getting the restaurant ready faster for service or closure.

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